Siena, Italy is steeped rich in history and culture

It is the glorious city during the Middle Ages. This place is filled with churches and decorated with different art galleries. Siena is a city that has its own charm and it is suggested to experience at least once.

Santa Maria Della Scala: An ornate filled with great work

The building is built in the twelfth century across Siena Church. Once you walk inside the place, you will notice how poor and orphans are treated. The place offers lodging for the pilgrims. This complex building comprises of several examples of art and archeology.

Basilica Di San Domenico: The church filled with notable paintings

It is the church comprises of interior roof and it has remained which dates back to 1226. This church once was badly damaged by earthquakes as well as fires. Basilica is sometimes also known as St. Catherine’s place because she lived here and later canonized in the year 1461

Pinacoteca Nazionale Di Siena: Museum with unique quality

The place is filled with outstanding art of work. The place has several statures. This is a unique museum consisted of Buonsignori palace and Brigidi palace. Within the museum, you will come across the treasure which has several paintings made by the artists like Fredi and Lorenzetti.

Fonte Gaia: The fountain ornate beautifully

Ornate fountain is constructed in the middle of the 14th century. The word Gaia means joyous. The sides of the fountains give a relief to tired mind and body. This is fully sculptured with marble and depicts the scenes of genesis. It also depicts animals like wolves etc.

Palazzo Pubblico & Civic Museum: Seek the Gothic architecture here

This museum was built almost 700 years ago. Visitors can visit the museum where the government of Sienna stayed during a stint in the office. There is compilation of frescos and shows the past life centuries ago.

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