Priest Lake Idaho Offers You Off-Road Vacation Experience

Looking for a pristine vacation spot? Plan a trip to Priest Lake. This lakeside town is located in the state of Idaho which is about fifteen miles away from the Canadian border. Here you will find a town that is covered by a canopy of fir trees which is home to about a population of 800 people. They might not even be able to tell you their zip code as they probably do not need to move out and interact with the rest of the world.

Being here will help you rewind and cut off from the world of digital gadgets and connectivity requirements. This is a great off-road destination to plan a vacation to. The freshwater lake that is 19 miles long, has cabins by its shores that weekenders can make use of to have a vacation as long as they want it.

Summertime is the popular vacation time here, which sees crowds of weekenders arriving. You can explore many woodlands and other areas here. If you travel from Highway 57 you can find forests where huckleberries grow; you could either collect them and make your own jams or enjoy fresh baked huckleberry scones or orange rolls at local eats like Lucinda’s Woodland Bakery.

There might not be many cafes and restaurants to fall back on here except the local places and what your resort or hotel arranges for you. Most people who come here to pick up their essentials on the way or stop by the hardware/gas station or markets to stock up.

If you are staying at a lakeside cabin such as at Hills Resort, you will find all that you need as well as exciting family entertainment with events like pickleball, foraging for wild morsels or even a golf course to play at.  Brandon, is an old college buddy who runs Southern Star Roofing and has mentioned Priest Lake in his travels in the Upper MidWest.  He prefers to visit places off the beaten path where there is not much in the way of tourism.  Much like western North Carolina, he loves the mountains and the rural places you can venture off to and visit.

The beach trails are many as they hug the shoreline. You will discover private coves here where you could take a plunge or visit the Indian Rock site where prehistoric pictographs can be found, made by Native Americans. You could find pools of calm water to swim and even practice your back-flip in.

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