Macapa – A Riverside Tropical City

Macapa is a city in Brazil, located in the State of Amapa. Situated on the Amazon River, the city is known for its boat tours, museums, historic monuments, and shopping centers. The tropical climate of the place is characterized by intermittent rainfall even during the dry months. Our stay in the city was relatively short but the pleasant atmosphere and sightseeing tours kept us entertained throughout the visit. Some of the best places to see in Macapa are as follows:


  • Museu Sacaca


Museu Sacaca is a beautiful specialty museum in Macapa that features a riverside facility. I came across a large collection of displays related to traditional settlements and Amazonian tribes.  The entry was free and we opted for a guided tour. There is a beautiful garden with lots of exotic plants, medicinal herbs, trees, and replicas of dwellings used by Amazonian people. There are also some interesting indoor exhibits that are of cultural and traditional importance.


  • Fortress of Sao Jose de Macapa


If you are fond of historical sites, you should definitely pay a visit to the famous Fortress of Sao Jose de Macapa. The grand Portuguese fortress is one of the most well-preserved landmarks in the city.  Here you can see the canons used during the colonial era. The place offers an amazing view of the Amazon River. You can also visit the place by boat since cruising is a major activity in this region. The historical facts about the fortress are quite interesting and worth learning.


  • Amapa Joaquim Caetano Da Silva Museum


The specialty museum is located at a short distance from the Fortress of Sao Jose de Macapa. The museum building was constructed in the 19th century and houses an interesting collection of archaeological relics excavated from nearby regions. Noteworthy are the ceramic artifacts and objects that belong to the pre-Columbian times. The place also has a collection of historic photographs that reveal a lot about the 19th-century lifestyle.

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