Gansu Offers Unique Landscapes And Spiritual Landmarks

Gansu is a province that is nestled in between Loess and Tibetan plateaus. It is also known to be one of the international preferred destinations in Asia. It is located to the west of Beijing, which made it an outpost in the desert region that lay by the Silk Road. Imperial times saw the hinterlands of Gansu to be wild and rough which had several nomadic tribes as well as merchant travelers who sought safe passage across the desert. This distant province is however well connected with different places. One can reach by here by flight from Beijing as well as by train that travels between Xian and Lanzhou, the capital of the province.

Among the attractions of the region are the Danxia land forms. You would love their colors that make them surreal and is a reason why this place is listed as a World Heritage place. Known as the Rainbow Mountains, you will hike through varying platforms of different heights. The landscape becomes beautiful as you climb higher and the view from each platform is different.

Your next stop would be the Mogao Grottoes which rise from the western cliffs of Mingsha Mountains. There are about 492 grottoes here that represent fine specimens of Buddhist and Chinese art. The temple caves here were used by travelers for worships, mediation, storing text as well as contain sculptures, statues made of terracotta and frescoes. There are innumerable manuscripts here as well, which date back much before any book was printed.

Gansu can offer you much more than religious and natural experiences as I have experienced as a tourist myself. Here you stop by the local eateries to enjoy dishes like the beef noodle and even learn how to hand pull noodles yourself. After tasting the local dishes you can proceed to take a Yellow river cruise. This is the celebrated river of the country, second largest and known to have cradled the civilization, cruises on the river at Gansu are a must try. You can take cruises by motorboats, but there are traditional rafts made from goat skin that can be a simple way to travel as well.

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