Explore The North Coast Of Brazil In Sao Luis

São Luís is a northern coastal city in Brazil, which is spread over an area of 827.1km square unit and is the second largest extension of the maritime among all the Brazilian states which ranges to 640 kms and is the fifteenth largest state in Brazil.





The various places which you might consider visiting while travelling around the city of São Luís have been mentioned below:

The city of Sao Luis has a lot of historical buildings in its city center which are usually neglected in fact the whole of São Luís is neglected to be on most of the travelers’ lists.

Another good thing which you can catch here are the scenic sand dunes of Lencois Maranhenses the seemingly never ending rain forests and the clear, crisp aerial views of the delta that were formed by the Confluence Rivers meeting the Atlantic ocean after its long journey.

You can easily check out the center of the city as it is very less crowded, which might give you uneasy vibes at first, but you would simply start to enjoy the city and it won’t take much time for you to travel it all by your foot.

The monument  of interest around the seafront is the monument of fisherman along with the new city which is located around the waterfront has a lot of modern elemental touch to it and has many skyscrapers, fancy restaurants and bars in beach that are in same row competition.

Another thing that could be noticed here, are the dangling intertwined and messed up wires overhead which makes it look exactly the same as some Asian or Indian city like Delhi streets.

The most common transportation here is the bus which provides cheap and almost every route service.

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