Archive | July, 2018

Siena, Italy is steeped rich in history and culture

It is the glorious city during the Middle Ages. This place is filled with churches and decorated with different art galleries. Siena is a city that has its own charm and it is suggested to experience at least once. Santa Maria Della Scala: An ornate filled with great work The building is built in the […]

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Madrid, Spain: Spellbound With The Beauty And Culture

Madrid is the beautiful city which will give you enough of the places to explore the culture and beauty of the city. This city is known for holding different sorts of cultures and extreme serenity. Check out the places to visit here: Real Basilica De San Francisco El Grande: Must to visit church in the […]

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Budapest, Hungary: A Small City With Big Dreams To Fulfill

Hungary is the place known for paprika as well as goulash. The place consisted of impressive wines as well as liquor. You can also taste sweet desserts such as palinka etc. The past history and the present culture of Budapest mixed altogether and form the best experience for everyone who visits the place. Hortobagy National […]

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