Gansu Offers Unique Landscapes And Spiritual Landmarks

Gansu is a province that is nestled in between Loess and Tibetan plateaus. It is also known to be one of the international preferred destinations in Asia. It is located to the west of Beijing, which made it an outpost in the desert region that lay by the Silk Road. Imperial times saw the hinterlands of Gansu to be wild and rough which had several nomadic tribes as well as merchant travelers who sought safe passage across the desert. This distant province is however well connected with different places. One can reach by here by flight from Beijing as well as by train that travels between Xian and Lanzhou, the capital of the province.

Among the attractions of the region are the Danxia land forms. You would love their colors that make them surreal and is a reason why this place is listed as a World Heritage place. Known as the Rainbow Mountains, you will hike through varying platforms of different heights. The landscape becomes beautiful as you climb higher and the view from each platform is different.

Your next stop would be the Mogao Grottoes which rise from the western cliffs of Mingsha Mountains. There are about 492 grottoes here that represent fine specimens of Buddhist and Chinese art. The temple caves here were used by travelers for worships, mediation, storing text as well as contain sculptures, statues made of terracotta and frescoes. There are innumerable manuscripts here as well, which date back much before any book was printed.

Gansu can offer you much more than religious and natural experiences as I have experienced as a tourist myself. Here you stop by the local eateries to enjoy dishes like the beef noodle and even learn how to hand pull noodles yourself. After tasting the local dishes you can proceed to take a Yellow river cruise. This is the celebrated river of the country, second largest and known to have cradled the civilization, cruises on the river at Gansu are a must try. You can take cruises by motorboats, but there are traditional rafts made from goat skin that can be a simple way to travel as well.

Warm Beaches And More in Durban South Africa

If you cannot have more of the tropical beaches of South Africa, ensure that you have Durban on your list of places to visit in this region. Known as a playground of South Africa, it has its own style of living to offer, whether you are visiting or decide to stay back. Indeed, the warm weather and sun kissed beaches of the city along with temperate waters through the year make it tempting for many to spend more than a few days here.

The city is not only known for its beaches but also for the outdoor lifestyles and colorful culture that is reflected in its architecture, cuisine, markets and lifestyle of the people. Being a harbor and the largest port on the continent, it has busy and bustling port activities that go on through the year.

If you are into beach side hobbies like surfing, there are several beaches where you can go surfing, jet skiing, fishing, canoeing, snorkeling and so forth. The warm waters and the golden sandy beaches are worth savoring simply by sitting back and hearing the breaker waves or the cries of the seagulls. There are paved promenades by the beaches that connect most of the popular beaches and make interesting walks or driveways as well. Explore Durban mall or the Gateway Theater of Shopping which offers the thrill of entertainment in different varieties, dining options and retail outlets that number over 400.

There are other places to visit as ell such as the ushaka Marine World aquarium as well as their waterpark. The Valley of Thousand Hills lies inland and rises from the banks of Umgeni River. Here you can visit communal areas where Zulu lifestyle insights can be found. If you have more time and a daring streak in you take the plunge from the high arc of 106 m at the Moses Mabhida Stadium. Here you will love views of the city’s skyline as well.

There is much to do or relax about at the beach side resorts of Durban. Choose your place to stay and sit back during your visit here to soak up the sun and have beach side fun.

Cities that are popular with tourists

There are so many different cities in the world. Cities that people are visiting. However, there are many people that are wondering which cities are the most popular among tourists. The cities that people are preferring to visit first. Not only is it interesting to see which countries are popular, but it gives you a great idea of a destination for your next foreign trip.

Bangkok in Thailand

This is the world’s most popular city for tourists to visit. This is because of all the activities that you can do there. The food is great and they are offering some unique food stalls as well.

Bangkok is a large city and there are many other reasons why people prefer this city when they are traveling abroad. There is a mixture of historical buildings and modern buildings, that are making a walk through the streets of Bangkok really interesting.

London in the UK

We all know about London. And, this is the second biggest city for tourists to visit. They love the different culture, the historical buildings, and all the museums.

This is a very interesting country and more tourists are realizing it and making sure that they are going to this city at least once. The problem is that you can’t see everything there is to see by just visiting the country once. People are going to London over and over again.

Paris in France

Paris. The city of love. We all dream about going to Paris. There are thousands of tourists that are visiting this city each year. And, this is because of so many different reasons.

Shopping, visiting historical buildings and museums are only to mention a couple of things that are really popular to do in Paris. And, then their food is really delicious and making this place even more special.

Dubai in the U.A.E.

Dubai might be in a country that many prefer not to visit, but you are missing out on a special destination. Dubai is unique in every way. Their buildings are different. The people are different and the food and activities are different.

This makes Dubai a great and safe place to visit, on your next foreign destination.

There are thousands of cities all over the world. But, only a couple of them are really popular and recommended to visit for the best experience of your life. And, this is where these cities come in. You can visit any of these mentioned cities and have the best experience in a foreign country. You will not regret visiting one of these countries.